4 Great Ways You Can Watch Cable TV Online

Cable is really expensive, and the major problem with a subscription is that you pay for so much content that you don’t even use.  If you’re sick of paying for channels that you never watch and shows that you’ll never really experience, then why not shed all of that and choose to watch cable TV online instead right?  There are plenty of ways that you can see the shows that you love totally free, or at a low cost.  It’s just a matter of knowing where you need to go so that you can subscribe to a different service, or so that you can explore different ways that you can just watch cable online.

Whether it’s because it’s more convenient, or you want to be able to see your cable TV from anywhere, there are going to be plenty of ways that you can watch online.  But you have to find the right type of method for actually watching, so that you can be sure it fits with your budget and the type of service that you were looking for.  There are plenty of services out there, and some of the finest include:

Cable Company Subscriptions

Many different types of cable subscriptions actually enable you to watch TV online if you’re able to subscribe to that addition to your service.  Usually it’s no extra charge either, so you’ll find that you can actually get service as an addition to the package that you already have.  This way, you can enjoy watching your channels from just about anywhere on your schedule, which is really convenient as well.   But a lot of the major providers can give you this type of service including Charter, Verizon’s FiOS and some others as well.

Buying Select Shows Online

You’re going to find that you can also buy shows from some download services, so that you can have them streamed or downloaded right to your PC.  Some of the most popular services are going to include Amazon.com and their On Demand service. But you’ll also find that iTunes is another top company that can provide you with all sorts of great downloads of movies right when they come out, and even most TV shows shortly after the episodes have aired.  Plus it’s all usually a lot cheaper than buying on DVD or Blu-ray.

Watching Online via On Demand Services

You’re going to find that you can also watch cable TV online if you’re looking at the company’s website as most of them have online services.  You’re going to find that the top TV companies like Fox, NBC, ABC, etc actually have options so that you can watch programming online.  This way, you’re able to see and explore all the major shows on the network, and keep up on their seasons as they are taking place, usually just a few days after the show airs.

You do have to watch a short commercial break every now and then, but it’s a lot shorter than you would have to do watching regular TV.  Plus you’re also going to find that this way you’re watching totally free as well.  Just make sure to get your shows and watching in while you can, because you’re going to find that they are not always available for very long.

Watching Sports Online

There are all sorts of ways that you can watch sports online that would otherwise only be covered with cable channels. But you’re going to find that through the right service you can actually watch all sorts of great events totally free.  One of the most popular services right now is ESPN3.com which is totally free for you to watch, and ensures that you’re able to see all sorts of world wide sports events.  Plus you can also hook up the service to different devices like Xbox 360 so that you can watch cable TV online on your regular TV as well.

Another common resource is through Netflix, which has a watch instant option that you can watch from just about any computer and all sorts of extra devices too. This way, you have the opportunity to watch all sorts of movies and cable TV programs as they come available, while only paying the low fee associated with the Netflix service.

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