Watch Movies Online For Free With These Handy Websites

Want to watch a new movie right now but you’re feeling particularly broke?  What’s a person to do until pay day? Well with the internet at your disposal, you’ll find that you’re never short of things to watch so long as you know where you can go looking.  You’re going to find that there are tons of sites out there where you can watch movies for free now, and it’s all about knowing where you can go to do this totally free and also legally.  Remember that just because some sites allow you to watch movies online for free, doesn’t mean that they are always legal so you do have to be careful.

Sure the likelihood that you’re going to be caught even when watching illegally is pretty slim, but companies are cracking down, and you don’t want to be one of the unlucky ones that ends up paying thousands just because you had to see that film instead of waiting a few days to pay for a rental.  But looking into watch movies online for free from certain sites does not carry this risk, and you can still find a great selection of all sorts of great films that you’ll have to choose from.

Some of the top sites you can put your trust in include:


This is the utmost in everything to do with TV as well as movies online, and there is a bunch of content available totally for free.  What you’re also going to find with Hulu is that they do have a premium plan that you can choose to pay for, that’s affordably priced, so that you can access even more unlimited content as well. Either way, it’s a great place to go when you just want to watch something right now and you’re open to almost anything.

2. Joost

Another site that’s a lot like Hulu but that’s just not quite as popular yet, you’ll find that you can watch all sorts of great films here too. They have a huge selection that you can watch totally free, so that you’re not obligated to buy anything but you’re still able to watch movies.  Of course you can expect some ads, but that’s pretty standard and they are nowhere near as long as the commercial you would otherwise encounter on TV.


Also known as the internet movie database, they have all sorts of films that they’ve started putting up totally free, although they are mostly public domain films. You will find however that it is still a way that you can watch movies online for free, and you’ll also find that just because something is public domain does not mean that it’s  a bad movie in any sense of the word.


A great place to go if you’re a horror fan, you’re going to find that they are an ideal source of all things involving horror movies and even TV shows. Plus it’s totally free for you to watch online, though they are going to have ads that can break up the showings.  But still, you really can’t beat free, and there are so many great horror flicks to choose from, and they are changing all the time.  That makes this one of the ideal resources to watch movies online for free without downloading at all.


This is the internet archive of literally everything to do with public domain items.  Whether it’s sound or video, you’re going to be able to find literally everything here.  It’s just a matter of choosing the content that you want to watch and experience.  Plus there are tons of choices when you’re looking to watch movies online for free.

6. Your more general search sites.

You’ll find that sometimes you can also strike gold through some sites like YouTube or Google Videos.  You have to go looking for them though, and it’s not always really easy to find.  But there are some shows and movies there to be seen, and if nothing else you can always check out some good trailers for movies that will be coming out.  Either way it can be a great backup to watch movies online for free if you can’t find anything else on the other sites.

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